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Last Updated on February 2023
The latest version of MYTY Kit can be found in this link.

✨ What is MYTY?

MYTY is a project dedicated to creating an on/off-chain infrastructure for the avatar-based Web3 social metaverse.

MYTY believes that social interactions in Web3, which currently center around PFPs, will continue to expand to form a social metaverse (a decentralized society).

The following is MYTY’s vision, in a nutshell. 🙌

  • We believe the PFP will evolve from being a simple JPEG image to a more expressive avatar.
  • The use of PFP avatars will be based on rightful ownership, as guaranteed by NFT. The ownership of PFP avatars and ownership of NFT should not be separated. In other words, only the owner of the original NFT will be able to use the NFT-derived avatar.
  • Anyone will be able to create avatars from PFPs. A centralized economic system where a particular individual or group has exclusive rights to create avatars will not sustainable in Web3. Anyone should be able to create an avatar the way they want, and it will be possible to create countless avatars based on a single PFP.
  • Once such avatars are created, their data should ideally be “accessible” to metaverse developers. This is akin to a DeFi using other DeFis’ smart contracts in a permissionless fashion. But, once again, the actual “use” of the avatars in a metaverse app will be limited to the owner of the NFT associated with the avatar.
  • All related infrastructure must be provided open-source. There should not be any centralized individual or organization that monopolizes the standard and development tools. Anyone should be able to participate in the ecosystem to improve its infrastructure. Under the protection of an open-source license, numerous forks will be created, allowing the ecosystem to expand organically.
Find out more about MYTY’s Vision here.

MYTY Kit v1.0 is officially released!

Learn how to migrate project files from an older version to the new MYTY Kit here.

Update Highlights 🎉

  • Enhanced compatibility In MYTY Kit v1.0, not only AssetBundle for Mac and Windows, but also Avatar AssetBundle for iOS, Android, and WebGL have been added, making it possible to create live avatars for various platforms.
  • AR Face Mode In addition to the existing Full Virtual Mode, AR Face Mode has been added in which avatars appear only on the face.
  • Enhanced quality of Motion capturing Motion Capturing quality and speed have been significantly improved. Enjoy smoother, faster responsive MYTY Avatars than ever before!
  • The NEW Controller We added the Rigged Sprite 2D Controller, which allows you to rig bones to sprite meshes to implement frame animation in a new way. Create your own MYTY Avatar in a diverse way of expression.

Preview the further updates ✨

  • Sample code for compatibility For MYTY Avatars to be widely applied, it must be flexible to use motion capture solutions on various platforms and devices. Therefore, MYTY will research and organize implementation cases for multiple devices, OSs, and motion capture solutions and provide sample codes for metaverse developers.
  • Plentiful expression styles of MYTY Avatars MYTY Avatar is the most major element of the social metaverse centered on the second persona. To achieve this goal, we will create various sample avatars, document the know-how, and add new features to MYTY Kit continuously.