macOS (12.3 and later)

Proceed after rebooting your computer after the install.

Step 1: Open Application

Click Open.

Step 2: System Extension Permission

Once you open MYTY Camera for the first time, a message "System Extension Blocked" will pop up along with the guide on MYTY Camera.

Click Open Security Preference.

Under Setting > Privacy & Security(scroll to the botton), click Allow for MYTY Camera.

Why do we need this process? 1. MYTY Camera is not downloaded from the App Store and recognized and unidentified developers. 2. In order to grant virtual camera access, which allows you to use MYTY Camera on different applications like Discord, Google Meet, Zoom and etc., system permission is required.

Click Okay, I finished what it takes! button on MYTY Camera.

Step 3: Camera Permission

Click OK to give camera access to MYTY Camera.

This system message did not pop up for me.

Under Setting > Privacy & Security> Microphone and grant permission for MYTY Camera.

Step 4: Microphone Permission

Click OK to give microphone access to MYTY Camera.

Step 5


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