2. Connect Wallet

Proceed after completing all the required steps from Getting Started 🎬.

Don't have a wallet or supported avatar?

No worries. Feel free to use our Trial (Free) Avatars.

Don't want to connect your cold wallet?

MYTY is an official partner of Delegate Cash, a solution that enables users to link the cold wallet with the hot wallet and allow the hot wallet to act on behalf of the cold wallet, like crypto power-of-attorney.

If you'd like to delegate your NFTs in a cold wallet to a hot wallet first, head to Delegate Cash Guidebefore proceeding to Step 1.

Step 1

Click Connect Wallet button on the top right corner of the app

Step 2

Click Open the default browser or Copy link in the clipboard button

  • Open the default browser button will automatically open the MYTY wallet connection website on your default browser.

  • Copy link in the clipboard: button will automatically copy the MYTY wallet connection website to your clipboard. Simply paste the URL into your preferred browser.

Make sure the URL begins with wallet.myty.space! Only use links provided by our official channels.

Step 3

Once the browser opens, click Connect Wallet.

Step 4

Select the appropriate wallet.

Step 5

Click send message.

Note that this message/signature is an Identity Proof signature that does not trigger any transaction, meaning your assets cannot be moved.

Step 6

Sign a message from an appropriate wallet.

Step 7

Click Open MYTY Camera from the pop-up window.

If the pop-up does not open automatically, check if the browser is blocking the pop-up in the address bar. An alternative method is to click Open the Desktop app from the MYTY wallet connection page.

The delegated NFTs will show the wallet address of the delegator (cold wallet) along with the Delegated Cash logo


Proceed to Select Avatar

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