Delegate Cash Guide

Don't want to connect your cold wallet?

MYTY's partner Delegate Cash is the best solution to secure valuable on-chain assets while participating in NFT airdrop claims, token governance, and more. Users link cold wallets with hot wallets, and then the hot wallet can act on behalf of the cold wallet, like crypto power-of-attorney. MYTY has integrated Delegate Cash SDK into the wallet verification system to enable wallet delegation.

Delegate Cash is protecting $618m+ assets with over 11,200 wallets delegated, and being used by well-known communities such as Yugalabs, Premint, Vulcan, OpenSea, Collab.Land, and etc.

Step 1

Head to Delegate Cash website.

Step 2

Connect your cold wallet where your current avatars are being held. This is what we are trying to project.

Step 3

In the Delegate Wallet input field, type in your hot wallet address.

Step 4

Click Submit Delegation button.

Step 5

Approve transactions from your wallet to approve delegation.

Step 6

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