Load Avatar

Describe how to send message to Unity to load MYTY Avatar


To load avatar in MYTY Kit v1.2 or higher, we should provide two files. 1) shared metadata for collection, 2) the description and image trait file for each token ID. To get these information, you can refer to our Avatar Registry.

Input parameters


ID of AvatarCollection from Avatar Registry. When loading avatars with different token IDs, but with same AvatarCollectionId , shared metadata will be used.


This parameter refers to the URI for collection metadata. This is available in Avatar Registry.


TokenId is required to identify which NFT is mapped to MYTY Avatar. The pair of AvatarCollectionId and TokenId allow users to specify MYTY Avatar.


This parameter refers to the URI for token description and image trait(zipped). This is available in Avatar Registry.

Example Usage

function loadAvatar(avatarCollectionId: number, metadataAssetUri: string, tokenId: string, tokenAssetUri: string)
  sendMessage("MessageHandler", "LoadAvatar", JSON.stringify({
    avatarCollectionId: avatarCollectionId,
    metadataAssetUri: metadataAssetUri,
    tokenId: tokenId,
    tokenAssetUri: tokenAssetUri

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