This tutorial provides a guideline to implement MYTY SDK into metaverse apps.


Metaverse Creator who wants to create a metaverse app that uses MYTY Avatars can use MYTY SDK for free.

In this tutorial, MYTY provides how to use MYTY SDK to create metaverse apps for live avatars. At the forefront of the Web3 social metaverse scenario are PFPs. Each PFP project has anywhere between hundreds to tens of thousands of individual NFTs. MYTY SDK allows you to transform a collection of NFTs into a collection of animated, Mocap-enabled, avatars in one go. It can be used as an SDK to create Web3 social metaverse apps for such avatars. MYTY SDK v1.0 is for use in Unity, and the rights to its use and redistribution are granted under the MIT license.

Skip the avatarization step!

Metaverse creators can skip the avatarization step altogether by using available MYTY Avatars for free. Moreover, since MYTY SDK is released under the MIT license, Metaverse Creators will not have to worry about the fine print when generating revenue.

Why should we use MYTY SDK for creating the metaverse?

  1. Easy-to-use working environment in Unity

  2. Support for face and full-body motion tracking

  3. Completely compatible with Web3

Before starting

Go through MYTY Glossary page and appreciate the MYTY SDK.

✅ System requirements

While we currently recommend installing Unity 2021.3.2f1 LTS for MYTY SDK development, you can build apps with other Unity configurations as well.

Recommended version: Later version than 2021.3.2f1

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