Key Requirements

๐Ÿ”ฅ Key Requirements for MYTY Kit!

โœ… Set the resolution to at least 72dpi

  • Ensure that avatar image resolution is at least 72dpi.

โœ… Save as PSB

  • Choose File > Save as... and choose Large document format from the Format menu.

  • It is recommended that you delete any layers that you wonโ€™t be using. The Layer Masking function is not supported in MYTY Kit.

โœ… Decompose elements of bone animation into layers

  • For example, if you want to simulate the head-neck joint movement, separate the face from the neck and make an image layer for each.

  • Each layer must be bound to at least 1 bone.

โœ… Group layers for frame animation

  • All image layers (sprites) involved in a particular frame animation must be duplicated and grouped together under a separate parent folder titled โ€œAnimation.โ€

  • All image layers and folders under the โ€œAnimationโ€ folder must retain the same organizational hierarchy as the original it was duplicated from.

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