Guide to MYTY Kit Trait Mapper

Most of the NFTs has trait information in on-chain. The website assumes that the avatar creator built the PSB file based on this information. In detail, we expect every single trait is expressed by one or many image layers, and there is no single image layer that represents multiple traits. If your PSB file doesnโ€™t follow the expectation then the output of the activity in the website would contain some errors.

What is the URL of the Website?

How to use the website?

  1. Insert the address of the NFT collection that you want to build.

    • A collection address is a 42-character hexadecimal address starting with 0x.

    • It occurs an error message if the address written is invalid.

  2. Upload a PSB/PSD file to dropzone.

    1. Only the files with file extensions .psd and .psb are allowed.

    2. It will take a few seconds to load the file.

    3. The maximum file size is limited to 150MB.

  3. Press the NEXT button. Press Proceed button to go to the next step.

    1. The browser will get metadata of each NFT and organize the set of traits.

    2. Since the browser will usually receive the data of 10k NFTs, it will take a few minutes to complete and jump to the next page.

  4. The mapper page is successfully loaded.

6. Click one of the traits on the left side.

7. Choose images that consist of the trait selected.

8. Repeat 6. and 7. for every trait.

9. If you are done then press the Complete button. Then the popup will appear to confirm your work is done. Press COMPLETE! button.

10. Trait Mapping JSON file will be downloaded. It could take a few seconds.

Keep in mind...

As of v1.0, the website only supports the case of Avatar with a single PSB file. It will be updated soon.

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