5. Import 2D Avatar Assets


Open the Importer window

  • In the header tab, choose MYTY Kit > Import 2D Avatar Asset to open the Importer 2D Avatar Asset window

Open the trait mapping file

  1. Click the open button next to the Trait mapping file input box.

  2. Locate the Trait mapping file that you downloaded from 2. Trait Mapping and click Open.

Set the location of PSBs

  1. When you open the Trait mapping file, a list of related PSB files will be generated. For each file name, click Browse and enter the location of the PSB filein question.

If the PSB file and the trait mapping file are in the same folder, the location of the PSB file will be automatically entered.

2. Once the locations of all PSB files have been entered, click the Import button to import all assets.

3. Import is complete. Press OK to close window.

Change the settings of imported PSB assets

  1. Imported PSB files can be found in the Project window. Choose Assets > MYTYAsset > ImportedAvatarAssets.

2. Detailed settings of an imported PSB file can be seen in the Inspector window.

PSB files that have editable sprites have a right-arrow icon on top of the file icon.

3. In the Inspector window’s Layer Importsection, check the Include Hidden Layersand Use Layer Groupcheckboxes.

This includes all hidden layers of the PSB file, and enables the use of the layer structure.

4. In the Inspector window’s Platform Settings section, change the Max Sizeto 8192.

Max Size is the maximum resolution of images imported to Unity. It is recommended to set this to an optimum of 8192.

5. Apply changes by clicking the Apply button, located under the Inspector window’s Advanced section.

Is the image’s outline jagged?

How to change settings for anti-aliasing a jagged PSB.

1. In the PSB file’s Inspector window, change Texture > Filter Mode to Point(no filter).

For more information on the PSB Importer, refer to the official Unity manual

Avatar Selector with Trait Finder

How to use AvatarSelector

  • You can use the Hierarchy window’s AvatarSelector object to preview each NFT Avatar ID .

  • Try changing the Avatar ID in the AvatarSelector's Inspector window. The Avatar ID can be changed even when the project is playing.

How to use Trait Finder

  • Click the ◉ icon next to the Find with box, search for the trait name you want to find, and select it.

  • If you click the Find next button, the avatars containing the trait are displayed on Scene window in ID order.

Please configure your Avatar ID to the smallest number before clicking Find next.

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