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Get “OFF” physical limits!

We enable the metaverse where anyone can express themselves by maximizing their imaginations
Our goal as a company is to suitably combine multiple technologies that can be utilized in the metaverse and to aid user interactions. The metaverse we dream of is a world that enables interactions that were limited or impossible to achieve through the internet, a world that enriches people's lives through the transcendental interactions only possible in the metaverse.
Project MYTY is aimed at providing an infrastructure for decentralized social metaverses, and creating a network-effect among the “mini metaverses”. In turn, MYTY helps mini metaverses take advantage of this network effect by providing various products both on-chain, and off-chain.
Give life to your NFT avatars. To learn more, please visit: https://www.myty.space/

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OFF is seeking a talented individual who believes humanity will spend more time in the Metaverse with the Avatars. Getting closer to the future we dream of, OFF took the initiative and became a fully remote company, adopting asynchronous work.

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