Updates on File Export Format — Zip file

Set Variables and Export Avatar AssetBundle

  1. Create a File Name for the AssetBundle to be exported.

  2. Avatar Selector, Main Camera, Motion Template, Root Controllers, and Motion Adapters are automatically referenced and shown in the list. If the object(s) do not appear, click the ☉ button to the right of each input box to manually add the required object.

  3. Set the AR Option if you want to or not. For more information on AR Face mode, please refer here.

  4. Choose the target platform for which you want to use the Avatar AssetBundle. If the target platform selection is disabled, see [here](https://myty.gitbook.io/myty-kit-guide/connect-with-myty-metaverse/11.-export-myty-avatar#the-following-four-modules-should-be-included-in-the-unity-editor.).

  5. Click Export to create the Avatar AssetBundle.

  6. Once the export is complete, you can check the Standalone(Mac/Win), Android, iOS, and WebGL versions of the Avatar AssetBundle in Assets > MYTYAsset > ExportedBundle in the Project window.

MYTY Kit provides all versions of AssetBundle in the form of a compressed file starting from v1.0.2. Please upload the zip file when registering an avatar in the Avatar Registry.

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