10. Set up AR Face Mode

What is AR Face Mode?

In AR Face Mode, you can use a live avatar that only covers your face similarly to Snapchat's AR Filter. Using AR Face Mode, various body gestures can be used for live streaming. Avatar Creators can utilize AR Face Mode Setup in MYTY Kit to set avatar traits to be used in AR Face Mode.

When a user uses AR Face Mode, if the face is not captured on the camera or moves too fast, there is a possibility that the IRL face will be revealed. If you are worried about the reveal of your face, we do not recommend using AR Face Mode.

How to set up AR Face Mode

1. Open the AR Face Mode Setup window by clicking upper toolbar > MYTY Kit > AR Face Mode Setup.

2. When you open the AR Face Mode Setup window, a list of Template List will be generated. Click the right template you want to make as AR Face Mode, and click the Set AR for The Selection.

3. Click the โ—‰ icon on the right side of the Head Bone input, and designate the Avatar's Head Bone object you want to show in the AR Face Mode.

4. After Included Traits are automatically shown, remove the unnecessary traits for AR Face Mode by clicking the - button.

5. Click the Save button to save the AR Face Mode setting.

You can decide whether the saved AR Face Mode avatar will be included or not when exporting the Avatar AssetBundle. Check this page ๐Ÿ‘‰ 11. Export MYTY Avatar

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