Bone 1D Controller

You can learn how to use the Bone 1D Controller through this page.

Do not connect two or more Bone Controllers in the same hierarchy to one Bone at the same time.

For instructions on how to create a Bone 1D Controller, please refer here.

1. Open the Controller window by clicking upper toolbar > MYTY Kit > Bone 1D Controller. If you drag and drop a tab into the Inspector window, you can use it together within the Inspector window.

2. After clicking the โ—‰ icon on the right side of the Controller input window, designate the Controller object you want to control.

3. Find the bone you want to control in the Hierarchy panel and click it.

4. Click the Add button in the Controller Inspector window to add the relevant bone to the list of bones to be controlled.

5. Set the Min and Max values by transforming the bone to the desired Min and Max states and saving it by clicking on the Min and Max buttons, respectively.

6. You can preview the movement by using the Control value slider.

The gray button indicates that the transform information is not saved. When each button is pressed, the button is activated in green and the transform information is saved. If you press the button once more, it returns to the gray button again and the saved information is reset.

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