Sprite 1D Range Controller

You can learn how to use the Sprite 1D Range Controller through this page.
There is no hierarchy priority for Sprite Controller.
For instructions on how to create a Sprite 1D Range Controller, please refer here.
1. Open the Controller window by clicking the upper toolbar > MYTY Kit > Bone 2D Controller. If you drag and drop a tab into the Inspector window, you can use it together within the Inspector window.
2. Click the ◉ icon to the right of the Controller input box, and designate the Controller object you want to control on the Sprite 1D Controller panel.
Example screen of object selection - The object to which Sprite 1D Controller Component is applied appears.
3. Find the Sprite object you want to control in the Hierarchy panel and select them all.
4. Click the Add button in the Controller Inspector window to add all relevant sprites.
5. Select Auto Load Labels to automatically load Sprite Labels to frame animation.
If the following error appears when multiple Sprite objects have been added, it means that the sub-layer names of the Sprite objects in the Animation Group of the PSB file are not the same as each other.
6. Set the range in which the sprite with each label will be expressed. You can set the expression range of the Sprite by specifying the Min and Max values to match the input value.
Example screen - Sprite 1D Controller setting screen
7. By moving the Value slide, you can preview the frame animation according to the input value.
Example screen - Image of pupils that change according to input data value