EyeBlink & EyeBlinkAll

Using the EyeBlink motion adapter, you can connect the size values of both eyes (left/rightEye) among the face tracking factors with the controller.

Inspector window

1. Add Sprite Eye Blink or Sprite Eye Blink All Adaptor to the Hierarchy using MotionAdaptorPalette. Refer to the document below for the details:


2. Click on the โ—‰icon next to a Template input box and select the SimpleFaceParam template to be applied.

3. To set which Controller to connect the leftEye or rightEye motion data, click the โ—‰ icon next to TargetController. โ—‰ icon will bring up a Controller list from which you can select an option.

If nothing appears when you click the โ—‰ icon, it may be due to the following:

4. When all the elements are set, press the โ–ถ๏ธ(Play) button to check the avatar preview.

Advanced Options

You can control the stabilizing method in the Advanced Options. To get more advanced information about this, refer to ๐Ÿ‘‰ Stabilizing method.

  • Is Damping: The latest input becomes more dominant than the older input.

  • Is Stabilizing: It enables to detection of the moment of arrival of new data, and it makes the stabilization process much more rigorous.

  • Is Use Damped Input To Stabilizer: Whether to use damped input as input for stabilizer

  • Damping Factor: If Damping Factor=1, then the algorithm is just average. If Damping Factor becomes larger, it means that the latest input becomes more dominant than the older input.

  • Damping Window: The amount of input data frames to configure the damping algorithm.

  • Stabilize Method: Which method to apply to stabilize algorithm.

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