Idle Animation

What is an idle animation?

  • Idle animations are animation loops that occur when the character is not performing any actions.

You can make this with an idle animation

  • Common idle animations include but not limited to:

    • Looking around.

    • Sleeping/stretching/relaxing.

    • Reading a book/playing a video game.

    • Playing/fidgeting with objects.

    • Commenting on the ambiance.

    • Adjusting clothes/weapons.

    • Singing and/or dancing.

    • Flicking long hair if any

    • Entertaining themselves

    • Interacting with each other, if any

    • Getting impatient

How to create idle animation in MYTY Kit

  • MYTY Kit provides Frame Sequence 1D Adapter to support the sequential animation of sprites. As the name suggests, it is an adapter that takes a sprite 1D Controller as a target. With some configurations, this adapter outputs a single float value which varies on time and is used as an input for the target Controller.

Frame Sequence 1D Adapter

  • Image of the inspector window of the adapter

  1. Controller: The target controller to apply loop animation

  2. Start: Start value of interval. It can be larger than the End value.

  3. End: End value of interval. It can be smaller than the Start value.

  4. Repeat: If this field is checked, the animation will loop forever.

  5. Swing: (Valid only if Repeat is checked) Specify how the output value repeats. Suppose that Start and End are 0 and 1.

    • If unchecked, the value moves from 0 to 1. After it hits the End value, the value goes to Start and continues to move to End. 0…1→0…1

    • If checked, when the value hits the End, then the value moves back to the Start. 0…1→1…0

  6. Step Count: Specify how many steps are included n the interval

  7. Unit Time: Determines a time interval for each step in seconds. Step Count * Unit Time will be the duration of a single cycle of an animation.

How to Use the Frame Sequence 1D Adapter

  1. Configure a sequence folder for idle animation in the animation folder of the PSB file

  1. In 'Sprite Editor", assign a bone to VFX placeholder layer and sprites under Animation Group

  1. Create an empty game object under 'Controller Group' and rename it according to your preference

  2. Add component 'Sprite 1D Range Controller MSR' to game objects created in step 3

  1. Open ‘Sprite 1D Range Controller’ and add place holder layer in ‘Hierarchy’ and hit ‘Auto Load Labels’

  1. Create an empty game object under 'Motion Adapter Group' or a group with component: 'Motion Adapter Group' and rename it according to your preference

  2. Add component ‘Frame Sequence 1D Adapter’ in the game object created in step 6

  1. Modify the settings within the 'Inspector' window to achieve the desired animation effect

  2. Press the Play button to check the applied idle animation

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