What is MYTY Kit?

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💡 Please refer to the MYTY Kit Glossary for any unfamiliar jargon.

✨ What is MYTY?

MYTY is a project dedicated to creating an on/off-chain infrastructure for the avatar-based Web3 social metaverse.

MYTY believes that social interactions in the Web3, which currently center around PFPs, will continue to expand to form a social metaverse (a decentralized society).

The following is MYTY’s vision, in a nutshell. 🙌

  • We believe the PFP will evolve from being a simple JPEG image to a more expressive avatar.
  • The use of PFP avatars will be based on rightful ownership, as guaranteed by NFT. The ownership of PFP avatars and ownership of NFT should not be separated. In other words, only the owner of the original NFT will be able to use the NFT-derived avatar.
  • Anyone will be able to create avatars from PFPs. A centralized economic system where a particular individual or group has exclusive rights to create avatars will not sustainable in Web3. Anyone should be able to create an avatar the way they want, and it will be possible to create countless avatars based on a single PFP.
  • Once such avatars are created, their data should ideally be “accessible” to metaverse developers. This is akin to a DeFi using other DeFis’ smart contracts in a permissionless fashion. But, once again, the actual “use” of the avatars in a metaverse app will be limited to the owner of the NFT associated with the avatar.
  • All related infrastructure must be provided open-source. There should not be any centralized individual or organization that monopolizes the standard and development tools. Anyone should be able to participate in the ecosystem to improve its infrastructure. Under the protection of an open-source license, numerous forks will be created, allowing the ecosystem to expand organically.
Find out more about MYTY’s Vision here.

What is the MYTY Kit?

The MYTY Kit is an SDK* that helps you create two things: 1) live avatars from PFPs, and 2) metaverse apps for the live avatars.

At the forefront of the Web3 social metaverse scenario are PFPs. Each PFP project has anywhere between hundreds to tens of thousands of individual NFTs. The MYTY Kit allows you to transform a collection of NFTs into a collection of animated, Mocap-enabled, avatars in one go. It can be used as an SDK to create Web3 social metaverse apps for such avatars. The MYTY Kit v0.1 is for use in Unity, and the rights to its use and redistribution are granted under the MIT license.
*SDK stands for Software Development Kit, and refers to a collection of software development tools that is provided in a single installable package.

What are MYTY Avatars?

👉 A MYTY Avatar is defined as an avatar that conforms to the MYTY Avatar standard, and is created through the MYTY Kit.

For example, if you turn a particular CryptoPunk PFP into an avatar using the MYTY Kit, that avatar is now considered a “MYTY Avatar.” MYTY Avatars are animated using real-time motion capture technology, following the users’ real-time facial expressions as well as body movements.

What are MYTY Metaverses?

👉 A MYTY Metaverse refers to any any (social) metaverse application for MYTY Avatars, and is made using the MYTY Kit.

A prime example of this is the MYTY Camera. Developed by MYTY itself, the MYTY Camera is a showcase app for PC. It acts as a virtual camera device, using motion capture technology to regress facial expressions and body movements from a video to animate MYTY avatars in real-time. The result can be pushed to major webcam-based apps including YouTube, Twitch, Zoom, and Discord.
The video below shows a MYTY Avatar being used with the MYTY Camera. The Avatar is one of the 10,000 MYTY Avatars created from 10,000 CryptoPunks.
A CryptoPunk MYTY Avatar follows the user’s facial expressions on MYTY Camera.
Why are avatars so central to MYTY’s vision of the social metaverse? Find out here

Who is the MYTY Kit for?

There are two main types of users.
👉 The first is the Avatar Creator - anyone who wants to create a MYTY Avatar from a PFP.
In the early stages, this will mostly be PFP project teams. Many teams are looking for ways to give their PFPs more utility, beyond the usual profile pictures on Twitter, Discord, etc. By creating a collection of MYTY Avatars from a collection of PFPs, Project Teams will allow NFT holders to use their PFP Avatars in various metaverses.
👉 The second is Metaverse Creator - anyone who wants to create a metaverse app that uses MYTY Avatars.
As an increasing number of PFPs have their own MYTY Avatars, there’ll be a corresponding rise in the number of developers seeking to provide applications for the PFP holders. Since many PFP Projects advocate the metaverse in their long-term roadmap, we expect a growing demand for the creation of metaverse apps that use PFPs. One of the first problems that these metaverse development teams face is the issue of avatarizing PFPs. This is easily solved with the MYTY Kit. Metaverse creators can skip the avatarization step altogether by using pre-made MYTY Avatars for free. Moreover, since MYTY Kit is released under the MIT license, Metaverse Creators won’t have to worry about the fine print when generating revenue.

What can you expect from the MYTY Kit?

  1. 1.
    Easy-to-use working environment in Unity.
  2. 2.
    Support for face and full-body motion tracking.
  3. 3.
    Tools tailored for avatarizing 2D PFPs, which are notoriously difficult to handle but make up the vast majority of PFPs. Support will be expanded to include 3D avatar production in the future.
  4. 4.
    Completely compatibility with Web3. Avatar Creators can turn PFPs into MYTY Avatars, and Metaverse Creators can use MYTY Avatars for free in their various MYTY Metaverses.
  5. 5.
    Peace of mind that comes with MIT License. You can use whatever you create with the MYTY Kit without worrying about copyright or license fees.

What in the MYTY Kit?

There are 8 tools in the MYTY Kit; 5 for use within Unity, 3 for outside.
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This tool separates an NFT PFP Image into layers, using machine learning. You can use Decomposer to automate the process of converting an original 2D image into a layered PSB file for Live Avatar creation.
Trait Mapper Web
This tool maps a Generative Avatar’s traits to the PSB layers of the Avatar’s Image. You can use Trait Mapper Web to easily create a trait mapping file for some 10,000 Avatars.
In Unity 2D Avatar Asset Importer
This tool imports various Assets to Unity, based on information contained in the Trait Mapping File. It is MYTY Kit’s all-in-one importer with PSB Importer, Photoshop Layer Effect Application, and Sprite Library Creation functions.
In Unity Avatar Selector
This tool lets you view the 10,000-odd Generative Avatars by ID within a Unity Project. When you import all Assets using the 2D Avatar Asset Importer, it is automatically created in the Hierarchy panel of the Unity Project.
In Unity Controllers
This tool controls an Avatar Image or its Bone or within a Unity Project. Through Motion Adapter, you can create a Live Avatar by connecting with the user's motion tracking data.
In Unity Motion Adapters
This tool processes the user's motion tracking data within a Unity Project and delivers it to Controllers. Since it is provided as Prefabs of small movement units, you can pick and choose the adapters you need.
In Unity MYTY Avatar Exporter
This tool saves MYTY Avatars created in Unity as a Unity Asset Bundle. The saved Asset Bundle file contains both animation and Avatar ID information and can be freely accessed by the Metaverse Creator when making apps.
Avatar Manager
This website manages the MYTY Avatar Asset Bundles. The website in turn is managed by the MYTY server.

MYTY KIT Workflow

This is a simplified overview. For more information, please refer to each Related Document.

For Avatar Creators

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1) Prepare an avatar PSB file with the original images of the NFT collection.
2) Use the Trait Mapper Web to map PFP traits to PSB layers. Download the resulting Trait Mapper file.
3) Install Unity.
4) Import MYTY Kit.
5) Import files from steps 1 and 2 (PSB and Trait Mapper files) to Unity.
6) Rig sprites to bones in the Sprite Editor and save.
7) Use MYTY Kit’s Controller tool to control the MYTY Avatar’s sprites and bones.
8) Use MYTY Kit’s motion-tracking technology to make MYTY Avatars move.
9) Export MYTY Avatars for use, in an AssetBundle file format.
10) Upload MYTY Avatars to the Avatar Manager.
11) Take the MYTY Avatar that you created yourself and use it within the MYTY ecosystem.
Have a question or an idea? If you have a question to ask or an idea to share, participate in the MYTY Kit Community. We’d love to hear from you.
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✨ What is MYTY?
The following is MYTY’s vision, in a nutshell. 🙌
What is the MYTY Kit?
What are MYTY Avatars?
What are MYTY Metaverses?
Who is the MYTY Kit for?
What can you expect from the MYTY Kit?
What in the MYTY Kit?
MYTY KIT Workflow
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