4. Import MYTY Kit
This document explains how to import assets for the MYTY Kit.

Download MYTY Kit's Unity package

1. Go to MYTY Kit's Github page.
Releases · Off-Live/myty-kit
2. Select and download the latest version of MYTY Kit's unitypackage.

Create 2D Project

1. In Unity Hub, click New project in the upper right corner.
2. Select the 2D template, and click Create project to create a new project file. You can change the Project name and Location in PROJECT SETTINGS.
3. In the header tab, choose Assets > Import Package > Custom Package… , locate the downloaded MYTY Kit Package, and click the Open button.
4. After confirming that all items are checked in the Import Unity Package window, click the Import button to import the package.
5. If you can see the MYTY Kit tab in the header tab and can see the Assets > MYTYKit folder in the lower left Project window, the MYTY Kit has been successfully imported.
How to change the Unity Editor version of a project file
How to update to the latest version of the MYTY Kit Package.
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Create 2D Project